The Lost Engines of Roanoke
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Other Lost Engines

Pulaski, Virginia

Another "Lost Engine" story with a happy ending is that of American Viscose Company no. 6, one of two 0-4-0 saddletanks that languished for many years in a scrapyard in Pulaski, Virginia. Both locomotives were rescued from the yard in 2004. Viscose no. 6 was purchased by Scott Symans of Dunkirk, New York, who restored the 1924 Baldwin to steam. Since her return to steam in 2007, this beautifully-restored locomotive now visits tourist railroads and events around the northeast.

Viscose no. 6 at the Owosso, Michigan Trainfest - Photos by Richard Jenkins - July 24, 2009
Viscose no. 6 and Flagg Coal no. 75 in steam at the Owosso Trainfest
Viscose no. 6 and Southern Pacific 4449 - who would have thought this scene would be possible five years ago, when no. 6 was still a rusting hulk in Pulaski?
Another view of no. 6 at Trainfest.
Restored Viscose no. 6 visiting the Arcade & Attica Railroad - Photos by Richard Jenkins - June 2009
Viscose no. 6 poses outside the enginehouse alongside Arcade & Attica 4-6-0 no. 14
3/4 rear view.
Close-up of the smokebox of no. 6 simmering alongside Arcade & Attica 2-8-0 no. 18 after pulling a double-header earlier in the day.