The Lost Engines of Roanoke
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Scrapyard Photos

Norfolk & Western 1118

UPDATE August 2009: The last steam locomotive in the Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal yard, and the last known steam locomotive from a major railroad to be found in any U.S. scrapyard, N&W 1118 was removed on August 25, 2009 and delivered to her new home at the 9th Street yard of the Roanoke Chapter, NRHS for preservation. Click here for photos of the move (photos by Wizzy Strom on

Parked outside the scrapyard fence, M2 no. 1118 is the most familiar of the steamers, since she is the most accessible, and apparently the most intact as well.  While she is missing her smokestack and pilot beam, she does appear to have the most complete running gear of any of them.  She is only missing the eccentric rod on the fireman's side, and all of the rods are present on the engineer's side.

Photos by Richard Jenkins - March 11, 2008
Nearly 9 years since my last visit, 1118 has lost her cover of vines and her boiler jacket and cladding.
Engineer's position in 1118's cab
Photo by John Higginson - January 7, 2005
John Higginson visited the yard in January, 2005. Little has changed visibly since Richard Glueck's 2001 visit, but these engines now face a much brighter future.
Photos by Richard Glueck - February 2001
Richard Glueck visited the scrapyard in February, 2001. Here's a view of 1118, note some of the brush has been cleared away from the engine's wheels.
A closer view of the fireman's side drive wheels
The cylinder jacket is in rough shape, but the running gear looks surprisingly good after more than half a century of neglect.
A close-up view of the piston rod and crosshead on the engineer's side
Engineer's side drive wheels and rods
Looking up at the cab
Fireman's side cab interior of no. 1118
Engineer's side cab interior
A closer look at the engineer's position
Interior view of 1118's firebox
Another look at 1118's cab side
Photos by Richard Jenkins - March 20, 1999
Another view of 1118 without the vines.
1118's running gear, engineer's side.
Broadside of 1118 with 1134 behind.
Photos by Eddie Dove - January 1998
Broadside view of no. 1118 without her cover of vines.
3/4 Rear view of 1118.
Photos by Jerry Murphy - October 25, 1997
A look at the driving wheels on the engineer's side of no. 1118
A view of the inside of 1118's cab.  The cab sides and roof look to be in pretty good shape, but many of the backhead fittings are gone.
Looking up at the engineer's side of the cab.  The 1930's N&W lettering is still visible on this side, too.
The valve gear on the engineer's side appears to be complete.
Photos by Richard Jenkins - August 10, 1997
3/4 rear view of engine no. 1118
Close-up 1118's smokebox
Close-up of 1118's cab. Her number is still visible.  Also visible is the "Norfolk & Western" lettering which was carried on the cabside in her early years and later painted over.