The Lost Engines of Roanoke
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Scrapyard Photos

Chesapeake Western 662 & 663

UPDATE July 2012: The cosmetic restoration of Chesapeake Western no. 662 has been completed by the Roanoke Chapter, NRHS, and the locomotive is now on display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

Photos by Wizzy Strom - June 30 and July 5, 2012
Before and after: Unrestored Chesapeake Western 663 with restored no. 662 and N&W 41 (ex-Chesapeake Western 11) at the Roanoke Chapter's 9th Street Yard, June 30, 2012
An overhead view of the restored 662 at the 9th Street Yard, June 30, 2012
662 arriving at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, July 5, 2012

More photos of 662's restoration can be found on the Roanoke Chapter's Facebook page: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

UPDATE August 2009: The last pieces of rolling stock in the former Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal yard, Chesapeake Western diesels 662 and 663 were removed on August 28, 2009 and delivered to the 9th Street yard of the Roanoke Chapter, NRHS where both will be cosmetically restored. Following restoration, 663 will remain with the Roanoke Chapter, while 662 will go to the Virginia Museum of Transportation for display.

Chesapeake Western nos. 662 and 663 are 1946-vintage Baldwin diesel switchers of the DS-4-4-600 type, and were among the first diesel locomotives ordered by this western Virginia shortline (along with scrapped sister engine no. 661).  Like the N&W steamers in the scrapyard, they were heavily covered in vines when I first visited in 1997, but the overgrowth has been cut back in recent years.  Being outside the fence, they are somewhat easier to see than the locomotives in the yard.  Their diesel engines and generators appear to be intact, although the cabs are pretty much stripped of controls and gauges.  I'm not sure what kind of condition the main engines, generators, or traction motors are in.  Although covered in surface rust, the metal seems to be in reasonably good shape, and these engines could probably be cosmetically restored quite easily.

There is an interesting article about the dieselization of the Chesapeake Western on the Baldwin Diesel Zone website.

Photos by Richard Jenkins - March 11, 2008
Chesapeake Western 663
A glimpse inside 663's engine compartment
Patches of paint and lettering still visible on 663's hood
Front pilot of 662 and rear pilot of 663. The slatted pilots are a nice traditional touch on these engines.
Looking forward along the engineer's side of 662 with 663 ahead of her
Cab side of no. 662
Photos by John Higginson - January 7, 2005
Chesapeake Western 662
Chesapeake Western 663
Photo by Eddie Dove - January 1998
The Chesapeake Western diesels
Photo by Jerry Murphy - October 25, 1997
The Baldwin diesel switchers are former Chesapeake Western DS-4-4-660's.
Photo by Richard Jenkins - August 10, 1997
These two old diesel switchers share the fate of the steamers they once replaced.