The Lost Engines of Roanoke
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917 Saved!!!

Norfolk & Western W2 class 2-8-0 no. 917 (temporarily an 0-8-0 with parts removed for weight and height clearance) was loaded onto a truck on July 8, 2008, for delivery to her new home in Bellville, Ohio. New owner Terry Byrne plans to make her part of a railroad-themed restaurant, including a 1926 baggage car and 1940 caboose already on his property in Bellville.

917 with a new coat of paint in Bellville, Ohio - Photos by Adriana Miranda - September-October 2008
Wide view of freshly-painted 917 along with Terry Byrne's baggage car and caboose, September 2008.
917 looking better than she has in years, September 2008
Another wide view showing 917's new tender, October 2008.
Putting 917 back together in Bellville, Ohio - Photos by Adriana Miranda - August 5, 2008
917's cab on the ground waiting to be lifted back onto the engine.
917 cab being hoisted into position.
Terry Byrne poses in 917's cab, now back in place on the engine.
917 at her new home in Bellville, Ohio - Photos by Gwennyth Patrick - July 2008
917 safely on the track in her new home, waiting for her restoration to begin.
917 with the baggage car and caboose that will house the new diner. Her owner plans to build a new tender to go behind the engine.
A "lost engine" no more! 917 takes pride of place in her new home just off Interstate 71 in Bellville, Ohio.
917 being loaded onto the truck in Roanoke - Photos by Richard Jenkins - July 8, 2008
Waiting for the second crane to arrive
The second crane and its support truck arriving at the yard
A heavy crane for a heavy lift
Preparing the crane.
Preparations underway.
News media and spectators gathered to witness the historic event.
First sling in place.
More spectators and a TV news crew.
Rigging the second sling.
Ready for the lift.
Wheels up.
917's first move in nearly six decades.
The engine was turned 90 degrees to line up with the truck.
The heavy cranes made it look easy.
Coming around.
The engine swings around, revealing balloons attached to her side to celebrate the occasion.
139,000 pounds of locomotive suspended in mid-air.
Getting her into position.
Onlookers watch as 917 is lowered onto the trailer.
Almost there...
Final preparations being made on the trailer before setting her down.
Gently does it...
Virginia Museum of Transportation Executive Director Bev Fitzpatrick gives a TV interview.
Free of the slings, 917 rests securely on the trailer.
A job well done.
917 lashed down for the long ride to Ohio.
A front view of 917 on the trailer.
917's cab and valve gear, removed to meet height and weight restrictions. They will be loaded separately.
Another view of 917 on the trailer.
Broadside view.
Another view, note the pilot, lead truck, and frame extensions taken off for the move.
One last look at the 917 in Roanoke, she will depart at 7:00 the following morning for the long journey to her new home.

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